2. Effective for the following illnesses (overview)
3. What is Bioresonance Therapy?
4. What kind of illnesses can be treated
5. Clinical Studies



Clinical Studies

BICOM Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) has been tested and approved throughout Europe and Canada, and it is in use in 85 countries worldwide. In Germany, where it was developed by Regumed, BRT has been in use for over 25 years. The following scientific studies have provided objective proof of its effectiveness, and hundreds of thousands of patients have been helped for more than two decades.


Download the files detailed below:

• Allergic Diseases Study

• Asthma Study

• Allergic Skin Diseases Study

• Amphibian Study

• Bowel Study

• Liver Study


Allergic Diseases Study


Title: The Clinical Results of BICOM 2000 Bio-Resonance Device for Treatments of Allergic Diseases
Summary: The results show that the total effectiveness rate of this device in desensitization treatment reaches as high as 89% and total recovery rate is 78%. This study was conducted by Yuan Ze, Huang Jiali, Wang Haiyan and Yu Chunyan (Department of Pediatrics of Xi’an Central Hospital, Xi’an)

[download PDF]


Asthma Study


Title: Clinical Observations of 300 Children Suffering from Asthma Treated with BICOM 2000 Bio-Resonance Device
Summary: From May to December of 2003, the Asthma Research Center of Jinan Children’s Hospital introduced the German manufactured BICOM® 2000 to treat 415 children suffering from asthma, 300 of whom were treated with the desensitization method. The total effectiveness rate reaches as high as 93.3%.

[download PDF]


Allergic Skin Diseases Study


Title: Clinical Observation of 79 Cases of Allergic Skin Diseases Treated with BICOM 2000 Bio-Resonance Device
Summary: This article reports the clinical observation of 79 cases of allergic skin diseases treated with BICOM® 2000 bio-resonance device. After tests and desensitization treatments were administered, the total effectiveness rate is 89.9% and recovery rate is 74.7%. Study was conducted by Yang Jinzhi, The Department of Allergy of Jinan Children’s Hospital

[download PDF]


Amphibian Study


Title: Transfer of molecular information using a bioresonance instrument (BICOM) in amphibian trials (controlled blind study)
Summary: Two independent double-blind studies, performed in Austria and Italy, demonstrated that bioinformation can be scanned and transferred by a bioresonance instrument (BICOM). The metamorphosis of tadpoles could be greatly slowed down by transferring information from a toxic solution of the hormone thyroxin to the aquarium water in a number of parallel trials.

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Bowel Study


Title: Noteworthy Therapy Results in Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases with the Aid of BICOM Bioresonance – Are ulcerative colitis and Morbus Crohn (Ileitis terminalis) really incurable diseases?
Summary: The etiopathogenesis of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, which are increasing in frequency similar to diseases with displaced symptoms, is, according to medical science, unclear to this day. But their latest investigations allow the supposition of a multifactorial genetic disposition. A causal relation between dietary factors and the possibility of curing these bowel diseases is so far being considered as scientifically unproved. Morbus Crohn and ulcerative colitis are currently classified as chronic, incurable diseases, which patients have to contend with for their entire lives.

[download PDF]


Liver Study


Title: Prospective randomised study to check the results of treatment using endogenous electromagnetic fields, in the case of slight liver cell damage
Summary: The aim of the present trial was to check, using a defined clinical picture, whether measurable changes in biochemical parameters could be induced by bioresonance treatment. A group of patients with chronic liver disease was selected for this purpose and the target criterion was a reduction in the activity of enzymatic indicators of liver damage (GOT, GPT, gamma-GT) in the blood of treated patients as compared with a non-treated control group.

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